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For my personal choice brief I decided to create branding for a brand new travel agency 'CityScapes'. The target audience was 18-30 year olds and the aim was to encourage people in this age range to visit more international cities.
First of all I created a simple, responsive logo. The sleek look can work in a range of colour schemes and sizes.
I decided to make booklets inspired   by travel brochures to promote city   based holidays. For this I chose to do  booklets for Melbourne, London and Amsterdam. I have visited all 3 of these cities and so had a background to  work off as well as lots of high quality images taken by myself.
On the left you can see the   information page I designed for the front of each booklet. 
I decided to use gradients and duotones to create a fun and modern look that would appeal to a Millennial target audience.  Gradients and duotones are both very current trends in graphic design.
The booklets all followed a similar layout with each page having a unique aesthetic. 
Have a look below at some of the designs included.
I also created a poster series that could be used either digitally or in the window of a CityScapes travel agency.
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