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The Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen asked our class to rebrand their current logo, website and social medias as well as create a promoters pack for potential clients. For this brief we worked in groups. Individually I worked on the website and business cards as well as having group participation into the overall design.
In our group we all came up with individual proposals for colour schemes, logos and images we would use. 
On the right is a couple of my proposals. I was inspired by the colours of the decor inside the theatre. The seats were red and the walls pink. 
The client specifically asked for a modern approached so I tried to channel this with my font and design choices.
As a group we decided on the pink and grey colour scheme. The triangles are used to represent a deconstructed flourish emblem. We used a mix of light and heavy fonts to create depth. 
On the right you can see the business card I design. The front uses a black and white image of the theatre with the logo in reverse.
On the back the designed is simple and centre aligned allowing for easy reading. 
I used small elements of the pink. This looks very clean and modern and fits well with our scheme.
The desktop site would feature a landing page which when clicked goes through to the home page.
Scroll down to see the desktop home page mockup.
Here you can see the mobile website I designed. It is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.
It is extremely cohesive with
our scheme.
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