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For this brief, we had to create packaging of our choice for a company which we had to come up with.
I decided I would create packaging for tampons. As a young female I have faced the stigma and unnecessary embarrassment felt when purchasing sanitary products. I wanted to create a brand that would appeal to teens and show them that there is no need to be ashamed of your period also known as your 'time of month'.
I decided to call my brand Time Of Month which can be abbreviated to TOM. I created a simple but striking logo. This allowed me a lot of creative freedom with colour and pattern when it came to designing my packing.
I decided to create young teen characters in a pop art style. I used a dotted background and speech bubble blurb as a nod to the pop art and comic styles of artists such as Roy Lichenstein. The designs are feminine yet powerful like the teens of today. 
I wanted every girl to feel included so created a range of female characters with different skin tones, hair colours and dress sense. 
I used a bold sans serif type to tie in with the modern, empowering theme. 
See the first mockups of the box below.
As I revisited this project recently I realised I had not been quite as representative as I had originally thought. I decided to make the girls have different hair styles and facial elements in order to be more inclusive. 
I also created a poster to put at the top of a product display.
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