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For our first year graded unit we were asked to rebrand The Pasta Co., an Edinburgh based company started by Gianfrano Luciano. They wanted a modern and fresh look. 
I opted for a typographic logo with a mix of hand written type and sans serif type. The text in enclosed in two vector wheat sheafs to resemble pasta. 
The business card is a like gray with darker grey text and logo. I made a pattern out of the wheat sheaf vector. I used this pattern on multiple items throughout my branding.
Here you can see the website and Facebook pages. I have used similar elements throughout and incorporated images of food that I had taken myself.
I used the same pattern on my face and pasta packaging in a ranged of colours.   I Used a rustic style fabric lid for the sauce jars. The packaging for the sauce jars is slightly different from the boxes as the type is different.
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